6 Easy Steps to Create Subdomain in SiteGround Hosting 2020

Creating a Subdomain in Siteground hosting is easy as you ever thought. Within just a few clicks you can create your subdomain effortlessly. If you create a subdomain in Siteground, it creates a separate sub-folder on your website. It will not affect your host domain, you can experience smooth and fast loading experience on your subdomain. 

But if you think whether you need to have the deep knowledge to create a subdomain in Siteground, then it No you don’t need. 

Lets me answer your first question.

How to Create Subdomain in SiteGround Hosting?

1. Login in to your SiteGround account.

Enter your login credentials and log in.


2. Once you login, Click on Websites Tab

siteground website tab

3. Select the website for which you want to create a subdomain and click on manage

4. Now click on Site tools option


5. You will see the dashboard of your website, click on the subdomain


6. Enter the subdomain name and click on create


That’s it your subdomain in Siteground hosting is ready..!!


Once you create a subdomain then you need to set up the WordPress for your website. To set up a WordPress for your website see the below guide.

1. After the subdomain create click on install WordPress and then Select your domain


2. Keep the installation directory option as it is. 

3. Select your language 

4. Enter your username, password, and Email address.

5. Click on install 

Final Verdict: After using SiteGround Hosting for years, I have never experienced much speed, site crash issue.  Its always a reliable and secure to create a subdomain in SiteGround hosting.